The Ignition Series

Providing learning experiences for Christian ministries and non-profits

Ignite Your Donor Passion

Communicate Your Passion, Acquire New Donors, Build Stronger Relationships, Be More Impactful

Ignite Your Donor Passion is written for organizations that are starting out, who have stalled out, or desire to be more impactful.

Ignite Your Donor Passion talks about the 13 ingredients that make communication more powerful. It covers trumpeting the value proposition, ways to cause less friction when making “the ask”, segmenting the audiences to be more effective, and boosting donor generosity.

Ignite Your Donor Passion covers creating AMAZING websites, blogs, email messages, newsletters, appeal letters, brochures, face-2-face meetings, and presentations. Each chapter outlines the anatomy of each of these communication methods, how to design a solid strategy, measure success and be willing NOT settle for “Good Enough.” Each section ends with an evaluation portion, and a list of pros and cons.

Available at and where ever books are sold.


Ignite Your End-of-the-year Fundraising

Raising Funds for a Specific Project, Offsetting a Budget Deficit, Leveraging the Yearend Generosity Window?

Ignite Your End-of-the-year Fundraising helps you set realistic goals, tell a more effective story, helps grow and target your audience, get your message out, manage all the moving parts, track and follow up on new donors, and ends with ways you can extend your fundraising efforts forward. It also includes an outline to do a postmortem to see where things can be improved.

Ignite Your End-of-the-year Fundraising makes the process of raising funds for your cause more organized, targeted and strategic, rewarding, fruitful, enjoyable—and less stressful.

Available at and where ever books are sold.

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About Project:Caleb

Coaching Christian Ministries and Non-profits to Succeed

Caleb said it best in Numbers 13:30...

"Let's go up and take the land—now. We can do it."

Project:Caleb was founded in 2015 to do just that…help charitable non-profits “take the land” whether it’s ministering to an impoverished village in Africa, caring for orphaned children in an inner city, or making disciples in eastern Europe.

Project:Caleb exists to help Christian ministries be more effective, efficient, and sustainable in “taking the land” which God has called one to conquer.

After 30 years, John left his successful consulting company in 2014 to start ProjectCaleb, dedicating his time specializing in the creation of materials and virtual learning experiences in four areas: Administration & Management, Branding & Marketing, Communication & Engagement, and Fundraising & Donor Development. John has served on boards for more than a dozen years. He enjoyed serving in leadership roles when launching a crisis pregnancy center, thrift shop, and Christian school. Mr. Leavy is a best-selling author. Ignite Your Donor Passion is his 15th book. Leavy has helped dozens of ministries large and small be more effective.


Meet The Advisory Team

Isam Itson III

Assoc. Pastor, Calvary Worship Center

Synthesizing Super Freak. Cultural Explorer. LA Sports Fan – Par Excellence.

Doug Leavy

President, Chasing Light Creative

Creative Director by Day, Batman by Night. Didn’t stay at Holiday Inn Express last night.

Dean Ridings

Navigators Rep., The Navigators

Husband. Father. Navigator. Coach. Passion: “Creatively Communicate Christ”

Kay Leavy

Product Marketing, Focus on the Family

Behind every successful man stands a (patient, understanding) loving woman.

John Shelhamer

President, Development Testing Services

Problem Solver. Data Analyst. Mountain Biker. God Lover. Business Owner. Potential Road Biker.

Steve Self

Finance & Admin. Mgr., Calvary Worship Center

Big Picture Connect-the-dot Guy with periodic bouts of Detail-itis. Rookie Grandfather with Insatiable Love for Alabama…

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